Multimedia Productions
As personal computers become more powerful and less expensive, they are taking on roles formerly reserved for million dollar studio setups.
Nowhere are these new capabilities more apparent than in the field of Digital Video. You can now do professional level video editing and special effects on your computer.

Digital Video filming and editing
Video Digitizing for CD-ROM, DVD or Web output
DV consultancy and troubleshooting
DV Systems Design
Training in Software and Hardware

DVD is the new defining standard in high capacity digital video, interactivity and multimedia content. Softland Studios has already executed various projects for DVD Video, DVD-ROM and DVD - Audio.
Our range of DVD allied services include:
*DVD content development - Interactive / Multimedia
*DVD video content development
*DVD audio content development
*DVD interactive programming and authoring
*DVD packaging
Our in-house DVD Authoring and Mastering infrastructure coupled with skilled professionals provides you with a one stop solutions on the DVD platform.


Multimedia in its simplest form is any form of communication that uses more than one media type at a time. In modern times the advent of musical accompaniment to silent films was an early form of multimedia. Even the simplest ancient dance forms use multiple media types in the form of sound and vision to convey additional meaning.
*The currently accepted understanding of multimedia generally involves a variety of media, such as still images, video, sound, music and text, presented using a computer as the storage device, delivery controller and delivery medium. The various media types are usually stored as digital assets and their delivery to the viewer is facilitated by some sort of authoring language, for example HTML (in the case of web pages) or Macromedia's Lingo in the case of a CD-ROM based presentation.
*Even nowadays, most media types are only designed to be perceived by two senses, vision and hearing. Still, incredibly powerful messages can be communicated using just these two senses.
*A subset of multimedia is interactive multimedia. In this definition the delivery of the assets is dependent on decisions made by the viewer at the time of viewing. Some subject areas lend themselves to interactivity, such as self-paced learning and game play. Other areas are mostly not enhanced by interactivity: here we find the traditional film and storytelling genres, where we are expected to travel in a prescribed direction to perceive the message in a sequential fashion

Softland Studios has executed several projects for designing Interactive Multimedia CDROM titles and developing Interactive Multimedia CDROM titles. Our Interactive Multimedia CDROM title services include in-depth research and study of the subject, conceptualization, interface design, audio, video, graphics, animation, voice over, etc. Our Interactive Multimedia CDROM titles range from religion to sciences & languages to travels.
Softland Studios can design subject specific in-depth Interactive Multimedia CDROM / DVD titles with cutting edge multimedia technologies, based on your knowledge base in subject matter

Making a
“Interactive Multimedia Company Profile” gives your corporate communications a new dimension of your organization. Clients of Softland Studios have benefited manifold by converting their standard paper based interactive multimedia company profile or the power point slide presentation into a multimedia introduction of their company.
Show your potential clients, investors, suppliers or just about anybody, what your organization is about in real live video, animation and digital voice over through the concept of interactive multimedia company profiles development.
We also provide version of the interactive multimedia company profile that can be put on your “E-Biz” card CD.

E-learning CDROMs
Softland Studios has vast experience in developing E-learning CDROMs, Computer Based Training, Web Based Training programs. Deploying Enterprise Learning Management Systems to effectively deliver digital media and content to your target students.
Our E-learning solutions are designed for ease of use and deployment while providing the most sophisticated way to impart training and learning services, using cutting edge technologies.
Softland Studios’ unique Instructional Design and User Interface Design expertise is fully utilized in development of any E-learning solution.
E-learning solutions ranging from close classrooms to enterprise / institution wide LMS, as per your requirements.
*Learning Management Systems
*Computer Based Training CDROMs / DVDs
*Web Based Online Training
*Content Management Systems

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